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Windows Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Control is a small and interesting application to increase the capabilities of the default Windows Firewall. Using this program, blocking programs, removing programs from the block, activating and disabling firewalls, and many other features are simply possible. By installing this program, you will need to completely visit the Windows Firewall. This program will be placed next to the Windows screen after installing in the system tray. In this efficient application, profiles have been defined for filtering applications that are activated and disabled with just one click. Of course, be aware that this program is just a shell or graphic interface easier to access and control the Windows Firewall and needs it to function correctly. We suggest downloading and installing the latest version of this app from the downloader and forever with the harsh and busy Windows firewall.

Features and Features of Windows Firewall Control

  • Ability to define different rules for various programs and files
  • Quickly turn firewall on and off simply by one click
  • Add programs or remove them from the firewall with just one click
  • Added to the right click menu to facilitate the work with the firewall
  • Quick search based on various filters in defined rules
  • Do all the usual Windows Firewall tasks in a beautifully organized graphics interface
  • Ability to set the login to enter the application
  • Imports and exports options and rolls defined
  • Prevent unauthorized removal of the program
  • Restore initial firewall settings after uninstalling the program
  • Automatically check the new version of the app

Download File : Direct Link

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