Waves Complete 2018 + Patch For Windows Latest

Waves Complete

Waves Complete

You are tired of spending hours searching for the necessary plug-ins to create the “same sound”, just want to install the plug-ins and immediately start working? Waves Complete is just for you. Hundreds of plug-ins for all occasions from the world’s top manufacturer. There is hardly anyone who does not know about plug-ins from Waves – they are used by most famous musicians, producers, mastering engineers, which in itself speaks for the highest quality of sound processing. Whether it’s mastering, mixing, compression of the barrel and the worker, processing vocals, getting rid of noise – absolutely everything is possible, with a skilful approach. Just download Waves Complete for Windows and enjoy high-quality sound!

Whats New

February 6th, 2018
eMotion LV1 (v9.14.0.354)
Fixed: Session / Scene load – some channels’ parameters reset.
Fixed: ‘Recall Safe’ not saved / loaded correctly.
Fixed: Plugin / bus.
Fixed: Scene data is overwritten when flipping channels to stereo.
Added: Matrix channels – Mono / Stereo toggle.
Added: Aux channels input – Select global source position (INP / PRE / PST / PSP).
Improved: Sessions / scenes loading time and recovery time.
Improved: Stability and general performance.
Improved: Controllers using Mackie protocol (ie Icon Platform, X-touch etc.) – stability and mapping.
Firmware update for SoundGrid Servers (v9.7.99.906):
Fixed: Some plugins would cause servers to crash.
Fixed: Intel-based NICs in some Server.
Improved: Performance for servers with Realtek NICs.
January 31st, 2018
New Release – Driver software is now available for Apogee Symphony I / O Mk II SoundGrid.
January 24th, 2018

New release – Scheps Omni Channel, now available as a single plugin as well as in the Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show.

How to Install

1 Run and install: Install_Waves_Central.exe (as administrator).
2 Run: c: \ Program Files (x86) \ Waves \ Applications \ Waves Central \ Waves Central.exe (as administrator).
3 Click “Install Product” => “Online” or select “Select offline installer” if you have already prepared an offline installation *.
* To create an offline installation, select menu => Install => Prepare Offline Installer.
4 Create an account and login (if online installation)
5 Select products for installation (specify the distribution folder: … \ Waves.Complete.2017.10.10 \ Waves \ Installers)
6 Click “INSTALL” and wait for the installation process to finish.
7 Run Waves_Complete_9.91.00_patch.exe (as administrator).
The original AAX is untouched by patching and works in Avid Media Composer and Avid Pro Tools.

Download File: Direct Link

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21 Comments on “Waves Complete 2018 + Patch For Windows Latest”

  1. Keep getting an error when trying to install. Deleted previous versions, deleted cache folders, updated installer, deleted central folder, etc.

    Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?


    1. follow readme file and description carefully.If still not work then post erorr screenshot for further help.Regards, CrackzSoft!

  2. I tried to open Waves Central app but it wasn’t working (no buttons would appear) so, days after, I tried to download a fresh version from wavess website and then all worked out.
    Just in case it happens with some of you.

  3. Hi! Can’t get it to work. Patches doesn’t seem to be right. My daw does not recognize any of the waves plugins, like there was no license, dispite no errors during install and following the instructions attached to the torrent. Any help?

  4. Nice post admin.but unable to download… Only 30 % is download.. after wards it comes like oops something went wrong..It is not
    Downloading in mobile storage why ?please upload in other cloud storage…

  5. I have very mixed results with your site. At least half of the items have viruses in them, and these files don’t install. I’ve tried every possible way to install it. I’ve tried everything the Waves help website suggests as well.

    1. i don’t know anyone say or not.But what i am saying you have to listen and stop this bs talk.I already told that if you want 100% custmor support and error correction then why not spend some money and buy this wave software,I am sure their community will help you at evry point.What you are expecting is if its create error for you then everyone facing it,it might have virus bla bla..first if all be clear these files come from scene who put many hard work to crack them and if you don’t know how to use cracks safely then please leave crack things and start buying.I am approving these bullshit talk and giving you my important time just for god shake.Hope next time you’ll come with some different ideas.

  6. Great site bruv! But for this download I keep getting a missing archive error. Did what you said in regards to disabling anti virus but no luck. Can you please advise?

    1. download all parts and extract to one folder.I can confirm archieve is fine just try in another pc or try to updating your extractor.

      1. Tried it on both its saying missing Sxxnj.z01. Mind you are correct I did get all the files including sxxnj.zip but it still asking for the Sxxnj.z01

        1. Like I said before, this doesn’t let you install it; but to pass your error you need to rename all the downloaded .z* files because they download with random filenames (not extensions). Just rename them all to Sxxnj.z0* where * is the same number it downloaded with.

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