Waves Complete 2018 + Patch For Mac Latest

Waves Complete

Waves Complete

You are tired of spending hours searching for the necessary plug-ins to create the “same sound”, just want to install the plug-ins and immediately start working? Waves Complete is just for you. Hundreds of plug-ins for all occasions from the world’s top manufacturer. There is hardly anyone who does not know about plug-ins from Waves – they are used by most famous musicians, producers, mastering engineers, which in itself speaks for the highest quality of sound processing. Whether it’s mastering, mixing, compression of the barrel and the worker, processing vocals, getting rid of noise – absolutely everything is possible, with a skilful approach. Just download Waves Complete for Windows and enjoy high-quality sound!

Whats New

February 6th, 2018
eMotion LV1 (v9.14.0.354)
Fixed: Session / Scene load – some channels’ parameters reset.
Fixed: ‘Recall Safe’ not saved / loaded correctly.
Fixed: Plugin / bus.
Fixed: Scene data is overwritten when flipping channels to stereo.
Added: Matrix channels – Mono / Stereo toggle.
Added: Aux channels input – Select global source position (INP / PRE / PST / PSP).
Improved: Sessions / scenes loading time and recovery time.
Improved: Stability and general performance.
Improved: Controllers using Mackie protocol (ie Icon Platform, X-touch etc.) – stability and mapping.
Firmware update for SoundGrid Servers (v9.7.99.906):
Fixed: Some plugins would cause servers to crash.
Fixed: Intel-based NICs in some Server.
Improved: Performance for servers with Realtek NICs.
January 31st, 2018
New Release – Driver software is now available for Apogee Symphony I / O Mk II SoundGrid.
January 24th, 2018

New release – Scheps Omni Channel, now available as a single plugin as well as in the Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show.

Download File: Direct Link

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11 Comments on “Waves Complete 2018 + Patch For Mac Latest”

  1. Got to the part where it says

    mount WavesLicenseEngine_patch.dmg
    copy the ke’d Waves License Engine: WavesLicenseEngine.bundle > /Library/Application Support/Waves/Modules
    press on Waves AU Reg Utility 9

    Trying to figure out where exactly to copy the ke’d file to bc there is no modules folder other than the one that comes with the patch. Am I just creating the folder when I copy it?

  2. When I run Logic it starts loading the new found plug-ins, but it doesn’t load all the plugins that I installed from the Waves Central (I moved All, Just as the tutorial says), is there any trick with the Au Reg 9.7, 9.1 and Utility2 tools?

  3. hi just on your great website, but im new to downloading
    are you able to help me please? i click on download link and open file but it seems to download adobe reader, please help

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