V-Ray Next 4.x for 3ds Max 2019-11-27 + Crack

V-Ray Next 4.x

V-Ray Next 4.x

V-ray is a powerful 3D rendering engine from the powerful chaos group. In fact, all your work of modeling, whether in the field of animation, in the field of architecture, gaming, filmmaking … Finally, it should be rendered as a final product and will be taken into the hands of the client and this is the rendering engine that comes to the end. For example, you set up a 3D model in 3D Studio Max and defined the sources of light, textures and … When you start rendering this model, a large amount of data and information comes to the rendering engine, and the rendering engine Using its algorithms and calculations, it produces the final output.

There are a lot of rendering engines and they are divided into different categories. V-Ray is also one of the most famous unbiased 3D rendering engines (unbiased to a series of rendering engines that is said to be based on accurate calculations, nature-based simulations, and Realistic). Unbiased rendering engines, due to computation and processing of detail, usually require very powerful systems, even in some modeling, due to the finer details and lighting, rendering only one frame to several hundred hours can take time.

V-Ray Next 4.x Features

  • Straightforward settings
  • Easy User Interface
  • Supports various effects lens
  • Efficiency and proper speed in rendering
  • Two-way and accurate Path Tracking
  • Supports various image sampling methods
  • The use of accurate light sources based on the laws of physics
  • Accurate and beautiful shading
  • Good sampler of dark and bright scenes

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