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The Bentley STAAD or STAAD Pro software is the first and the best 3D engineering design and design software for the world, and is the end point of any builder software purchase. STAAD.Pro is a professional choice for structural engineering in a variety of metal, concrete, wood, aluminum, and cold steel structures for the design of almost any type of instrument, such as a plug, petrochemical, tunnel, bridge, candle and many other things with a flexible environment, with professional features. Use of any data scale in the software.

This software allows structural engineers to analyze and design almost any type of device through a flexible modeling environment, with professional features and use of any scale. The flexible modeling environment of this software is available with up-to-date graphics environments and support for 70 international codes in seven languages.
An advanced array of features for structural analysis and design in this software is made up of many standards for professional linear and nonlinear analytics. The efficiency of this software is based on the maintenance and workflow functionality associated with the use of software data. The software also has the ability to integrate seamlessly with other products from the company, such as, ProSteel, and OpenSTAAD to deliver the user’s desired results.

Using STAAD.Pro, you can see the growth of customers as a result of business growth and a wider range of structural design projects on global markets.

Features of Bentley STAAD.Pro Software

Advanced advanced analysis features include:

  • Advanced Cable Analysis: Nonlinear Analysis for Cable Buildings


  • Unbalanced Masses: Compliance with the Advanced Dynamic Law for Unbalanced Masses

  • Use cloud processing using Bentley CONNECT

Design codes:

  • AISC 360-10 Torsion Design


  • Design of Canadian Steel S16-09 includes restoration of propagation flow

  • European standard attachments and specific metal and concrete settings for different countries for design

  • Upgraded instant upload

  • Advanced IS Design Design: 456 to measure the impact and strength of the column


  • Main memory communication module. Improved to use current engine or use as an independent software

Data base:

  • The Brazilian database is updated and the latest contains the latest measurements and levels


  • UPD steel connection published by SJI


Available Software List

STAAD Advanced Concrete Design RCDC

STAAD Planwin


STAAD Foundation Advanced

Bentley STAAD Tips

The versions provided by Crack are complete and have been installed and tested by Danwell.

  • STAAD.Pro and applications are provided in a package.
Required system

rocessor: Intel® or AMD® processor 2.0 GHz or greater

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. Bentley does not support its software running Microsoft operating system versions that Microsoft has “retired”. Microsoft has already deprecated support for Windows XP and will “retire” it in 2014. For more information see Microsoft’s application retirement policy and the Bentley Application Support Lifecycle.

System memory: Minimum of 512 MB, 2 GB recommended

The disk space requirement will vary depending on the modules you are installing. A typical minimum is 500MB of free space

(Graphics card and monitor with 1280 × 1024 resolution, 256 color display (16 bit high color recommended

A multi-media ready system with sound card and speakers is required to run tutorial movies and slide shows

 Download File: Direct Link

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