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SpeedTree Cinema edition

SpeedTree Cinema

SpeedTree® Cinema 8 launches with dozens of new features that deliver dramatically more realistic trees and plants, with major reductions to modeling time and effort. With a new, constantly expanding library of vegetation models (Including new field and forest models), SpeedTree Cinema 8 is the most advanced version we’ve ever released and is already being adopted by top VFX studios around the world.

New features of SpeedTree Cinema 8 include

-PBR Materials and Workflow- Full PBR rendering in the SpeedTree Modeler as well as new editing tools for materials allow artists to fine tune their models before exporting into your DCC.
-Branch Extensions- Use child branches to extend their parents, providing greater control and smoother transitions to twigs.
-Phyllotaxy Generation Algorithm- New generation algorithm based on how leaves naturally grow on branches.
-Mesh Cutout System- Easily cut meshes to the shape of your leaf or cluster using our new mesh editor.
-Spine Noise- New property applies late or early noise along the length of the branch or trunk.
-Bifurcation Generation Algorithm- New generation algorithm automatically adds new child branches to create natural organic branch structures incredibly quickly.
-Leaf Collision- New background running, polygon-accurate tool to automatically remove intersecting leaves or clusters.
-Knot Generator- Completely reimagined approach for creating more interesting geometry for knots allows for more interesting gashes, knots, and scars.
-Material Sets- Materials can be grouped into sets to allow edits across multiple leaf types or bark textures.
-Discrete Season Approach- One .SPM model now uses a season curve to create unique trees at any point in the year.
-Faster AO Computation- New algorithm computes per-vertex AO on complex models in a fraction of the time.
-Interval Generation Algorithm– New algorithm that places branches in a set interval.
-Aspect Ratio Correct Mapping– Use a new UV mapping style to automatically tile textures based on their aspect ratio and that of the underlying geometry.
-Knockout and Pruning– Procedural tools for eliminating clutter, especially interior portions of the model.
-New Split feature– Split trunks and/or branches and extend them with new generators for fine control and seamless UV mapping.
-Shape Control– Automatically fill in meshes or procedurally placed spheres with branch structures to achieve complex shapes.
-Pruning- Automatically and intelligently reduce the number of branches across the tree.
-Decoration Generators- New “Fin” generator allows the addition of more shelf fungus and more.
-Material variance– Randomly adjust material colors to create subtle map variations.
-Built-in Spine Forces– Commonly used forces like gravity are built in to the new branch generator.
-Shell Geometry- Create more interesting trunks or stumps with the new Shell Geometry generator.
-Art Director Tool- Allows intuitive shaping of the tree, whether shaping entire branch levels or a single twig.

Whats’s New

New Features

Mesh-Based Smooth Normals
Leaf and frond meshes have new lighting properties allowing them to compute smooth normals based on the mesh after procedural deformation has been applied (this was only approximated in previous versions).

Improved Quadification
Quad indices for triangle only meshes are computed with a new, faster algorithm that creates more evenly distributed quads. This is particularly noticeable on high poly meshes.

Bug Fixes

File Dialog Crash
The crash associated with previously available drives no longer being accessible has been fixed.

Lumberyard Face Winding
The face winding for Lumberyard exports has been modified to work with both the vegetation shaders (this always worked) and non two-sided shaders.

Unwrapping Fixes
A bug where shell generators could be mapped incorrectly during unwrapped exports has been corrected. Small items that were scaled up could cause overlapping in the atlas – this issue has also been corrected. In addition, an improvement has been made in the algorithm to prevent the unwanted expansion of tiny details.

Growth Wizard Crash
Generators with failed welds could cause the “Growth Wizard” to crash when it was exectured. This bug has been corrected.
Lightmap Density Incorrect on Load

Lightmap density visualization will now be correct immediately on load. Previous versions required an additional compute.

Incorrect Polygon Count Display
Polygons removed during collision could cause an error in polygon statistics reporting. This but has been corrected.

Node Position Offets
These edits where moving the nodes appropriately but their new position was not being accounted for correctly in all computations. Bones, pruning, and wind weights now account for the new position.

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