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SimpleMind Desktop

SimpleMind Desktop

SimpleMind is an awesome software tool for storm brainstorming sessions. You sit with your friends and discuss different ideas. Anyone tells you, you for some reason refuse his idea and put forward another idea. Discussing the Challenges. Note the important points. But where? It works on paper, but it has many limitations, for example, you can not attach an image, you can not save an audio file about the idea, you can not easily make the necessary edits.

With SimpleMind, all these problems are solved. You have a huge infinite page. Each member of your mentoring team has an idea. Immediately enter the program. Other members make other topics when they are related to the idea, you can link them to the idea, you can capture the challenges. You can save audio files as well as related information. It’s possible to use different fonts and colors, which is impossible or at least difficult on paper.

SimpleMind Desktop Features

At any moment, you can modify the stored information on the page. You can move an item from one branch to another. There is a possibility to categorize the articles in question. It’s easy to search the entire text in the saved content. From anywhere, you can print, and eventually the program is a good place to record the ideas and thoughts in the storm. The graphical interface of the program is very simple and far from unnecessary complexity, and members can work together with the program together, and eventually all the ideas are combined in a central location.

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