Quixel Mixer 2018.2.1 Beta + Crack

Quixel Mixer

Quixel Mixer

Quixel Mixer is a graphic design software for material design. This software allows you to create your own material in a completely non-destructive workflow. By combining multi-texture and texture, you can create a completely new and completely custom-made material and quickly create levels with the physical layering system. After designing the materials, you can save them with 8K quality and resolution, and use them in your work. The Quixel Mixer software is fully integrated with the Megascans software, which you can access to its online library

Quixel Mixer Features


  • Instant access to the Megascans online library
  • Combine multi-texture with each other and build a new material
  • Assembling, coloring and compositing materials using custom brushes
  • Getting out of the materials easily with different types of beads
  • Creating high quality image mixes and storing them at high resolution
  • Hand-painted mask on layers (surfaces and solids) and engraving on the layer

Download File : Direct Link


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