Nox App Player (NoxPlayer) + Crack



Nox APP Player is one of the best and most powerful Android application simulators in Windows, which uses the resources to run Android 4.4 on your Windows. With this app, you will be able to install all available Android apps on this simulator. One of the cool features of this program is the ability to define a number of users and thus multi-user use. With the ability to adjust the internal storage for your simulator, you can prevent memory fills. Installing this program is very simple and completely offline and even the need to sync with Gmail account is not necessary

NoxPlayer Features

  • Android 4 .4. 2
  • Optimal use of system resources
  • Ability to select device type and resolution
  • Ability to select resources (number of CPUs and RAM)
  • Root access
  • Access to files on the computer
  • Use of multi-user property
  • Offline installation
  • No need to sync with Google Account

Download File : Direct Link

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