Luxion KeyShot Pro 9.0.289 Win + Crack

Luxion KeyShot Pro

Luxion KeyShot Pro

KeyShot- is a means of interactive visualization of 3D scenes and models. As the developers themselves say, this is a digital camera for 3D models, as the result you get in real time. Given that global lighting and materials based on real physical parameters are used, the resulting images are of photographic quality. The program can work as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in, with the following formats: OBJ, Autodesk Alias Maya, FBX, 3DS, Rhinoceros Plugin, SketchUp, SolidWorks, Pro / ENGINEER Plugin, ALIAS, JT.

Luxion Keyshot Features


Real-time Ray Tracing
Progressive global illumination with adaptive material sampling, dynamic lighting and focus caustics.
HDRI Lighting
Light your scenes quickly. Drag and drop a KeyShot HDRI environment into the scene and adjust as needed.
Physical Lighting
Add area, point or IES light sources by applying light material to any piece of model geometry.

Pro Features

Scene Sets
Set up various configurations of your model in the same scene for quick color studies or product presentation.
Store camera and environment settings and combine with photo-shoot in a single file.
NURBS rendering
For the ultimate quality and zero tessellation, KeyShot supports the import and render of NURBS data.


Interactive Visuals
Create web-ready, touch-enabled visuals directly from your KeyShot scene with an array of unique features.
360 ° Spherical Experience
KeyShotVR goes beyond turntable views. With KeyShotVR, create true, fully spherical product experiences 360 °.
Touch Gesture Control
KeyShotVR is completely touch-enabled and works across mobile, tablet or larger touchscreen displays.
KeyShotVR Wizard
With six different KeyShotVRs, create turntable, spherical, animated or custom KeyShotVRs step-by-step.

Highlights include:

• Improved accuracy to Gem dispersion
Improved Metal Material A • the Type selection
• And, Improved rounded the Edges and group support
• Improved alignment node in Material A Graph
• Also, Improved file size bed reduction the after saving
• Improved ground with the Motion Blur the shadows
• the Drag and Drop the re-order of Model Sets
• Model and Material A re- order in Configurator
• Added Render Worker tray with core count control
• Added ability to ‘Use all cores on sign out’
• Support for Maya 2018
• Bug fixes and improvements

Download File: Direct Link

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  1. Hi,

    I’m testing on Windows 10 x64 (clean Virtual Machine) and it does not work.
    On Windows 7 x64 are not problems.


    1. If you can show me problems in the screenshots I can help you! neither it’s hard to figure out what problem you are facing now!

  2. Hi ,

    I have a bit problem, after I selected licence file (generated with KeyGen) the program continue to ask me licence.

    I wrong something…


  3. Currently have 7.2.109 crack install and I cant delete it form programs & features in WIN 64. Used a third party uninstaller and did the 7.3.37 install and ran into all sorts of folder issues. Windering if I can use the crack exe file & existing lic file with the KS updater file and just replace EXE ? Had to use a system image to get up and running again…

    1. uninstall everything from previous version with iobit uninstaller or any other program.Then install this program with instructions present inside program in form of text files.

  4. When selecting install a license file in keyshot and pressing next the program doesn’t seem to respond and crashes. Have I missed a step somewhere?

    1. follow readme file if it crashing then you did some mistake or problem with your system.Be sure defender or antivirus disable or try in another pc then see.

      1. Cool, thanks! So that’s “done” as in you will do it or “done” as in you did do it? I searched the site but didn’t see 7.1.51.

    1. antivirus detect keygen as virus which is false+ve..that’s why i always recommend disable your antivirus before downloading any crack!

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