Final Cut Pro X 10.4.3 + Pre-Cracked

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X

Completely redesigned from scratch, Final Cut Pro combines a revolutionary video editing with the best content organization and extraordinary performance to create at an unrivaled speed.

Revolutionary video editing
• Version 2 of the magnetic timeline uses advanced metadata for quicker and easier editing than with traditional tracks.
• Use clip connections to attach additional footage, sound effects and music to the timeline.
• Group clips into a composite clip to better organize yourself.
• Edit multi-camera projects with automatic synchronization based on audio waves and up to 64 camera angles.
• Import and edit 360 ° equirectangular video in many formats and frame sizes.

Advanced content organization
• Automatic content analysis captures metadata from the camera and analyzes images in the background.
• Create and apply personalized keywords or favorites instantly as you select clip intervals.
• Smart collections organize content dynamically to find any image.

Incredible performance
• Final Cut Pro uses all of the Mac’s GPUs for superior performance in real-time playback and fast background rendering.
• The 64-bit architecture uses all the RAM to work on larger projects.
• Background processing allows you to work without interruptions.
• Work natively with a wide range of formats, such as ProRes, RED, XAVC, AVCHD or H.264 from DSLR.

Amazing and customizable effects
• 2D and 3D titles easily customizable and with great animations.
• Choose from the wide variety of third-party FxPlug modules with custom interfaces.

Integrated audio editing
• Assign functions (dialog, music, effects and custom options) during the import to monitor and organize the project.
• Final Cut Pro corrects audio problems.
• Synchronize DSLR video with independent audio and instant wave adjustment.

Intuitive color grading
• Import, edit and distribute videos with standard color spaces or with the Rec. 2020 color space.
• Improve clips with “Balance color”.
• Precisely adjust the color of an area of ​​the screen with modulations and masks.
• Use curves and color wheels to make precise adjustments with modulations and masks.

Optimized output in one step
• Export projects quickly for Apple devices and sites such as Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.
• Add content to themed menus and burn a DVD or Blu-ray.
• Import and export XML (for color gradation and mix of sounds, for example).

System Requirements: macOS 10.12.4 or later, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB for 4K, 3D titles and 360 ° video), OpenCL compatible graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 (or later) card, 256 MB of VRAM (1 GB for 4K, 3D titles and 360 ° video), 4 GB of available disk space.

Assembly Info

Name: Final Cut Pro
Platform: Intel
Language: Multilanguage
Includes: Pre-Activated (TNT)

OS Version: 10.12.4 or higher
Processor: 64-bit
More info:

What’s new in version

360 ° virtual reality editing
• Import and edit 360 ° equirectangular video in many formats and frame sizes.
• Send 360 ° video to connected VR glasses. *
• Open the 360 ​​° viewer to show the equirectangular view and the view of the glasses when editing.
• Track the movement of VR glasses in the 360 ​​° viewfinder in Final Cut Pro.
• Add 360 ° effects, such as blurring and glare.
• Share 360 ​​° video on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.
• Use 360 ​​° correction to instantly remove cameras and equipment from the scene.
• Use the Horizon overlay to easily change the orientation of the 360 ​​° video in the viewfinder.
• Edit 360 ° video in a project that is not 360 ° and animate the zoom, tilt and pan.
• Place any graphic, still image or video in a 360 ° project and change its position and size to fit perfectly in the 360 ​​° scene.
• Compatibility with 360 ° monoscopic and stereoscopic video.

Advanced color grading 
• The specific color tab of the inspector includes all color controls in one place.
• New and efficient control wheels enhance traditional wheels with integrated regulators to adjust hue, saturation and brightness.
• Color curves allow adjustments to be made with great precision through various control points to change the color and contrast.
• Hue / saturation curves allow you to select a hue or brightness level to make adjustments without modifying other parts of the image.
• Use the eyedropper in the color and hue / saturation curves to quickly take samples of parts of an image to make adjustments.
• The “Balance color” command includes an eyedropper to manually perform white balance.
• Apply custom LUTs from well-known color gradation sites and apps.
• Adjust color corrections over time with precise keyframe controls.
• Streamline color correction with new quick keyboard functions for color matching and feature-based time-line navigation.
• Color presets are now in the effects browser, which allows for quick previews and searches.

High dynamic range
• Import, edit and publish HDR video as Rec. 2020 HLG or Rec. 2020 PQ for HDR10.
• Send video to third-party HDR screens using third-party I / O devices.
• Integrated wave monitoring indicates HDR brightness levels up to 10,000 nits.
• The “HDR Tools” effect facilitates the assignment of HDR output tone to standard dynamic range (SDR), as well as the conversion between the PQ and HLG formats.
• Option to see HDR as uncompressed values ​​when working without an HDR monitor.

Additional benefits
• Send your iMovie project for iOS directly to Final Cut Pro to use advanced editing, audio and finishing functions.
• Import, play and edit video clips in HEVC format (also called H.265) and photos in HEIF format of Apple devices. **
• Send content to Compressor to export video projects in HEVC format.
• Adjust audio with effects modules of Logic Pro X with redesigned and resizable interfaces.
• Compatibility with the Canon Cinema RAW Light format with additional Canon software.
• Fastest optical flow analysis with Metal 2.
• Compatibility with libraries and NFS-based content.
• XML 1.7 with support for new color gradation controls, 360 ° VR effects and HDR.

  • Requires compatible VR glasses, macOS High Sierra and SteamVR.
    ** Compatibility with HEVC and HEIF requires macOS High Sierra.

Download File: Direct Link

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  1. Hi, I extract the RAR file with Commander One pro. All look fine, but by running the app the Mac tells me that the app is corrupt. Any Idea ? THX

    1. Is this coz what you write in the “Guides” by “fix damaged app” ? why it not happen with the 10.4 version?

  2. Yes, .rar file was unpacked and when I double click to open .dmg, it says – Warning – The following disk image couldn’t be opened – no mountable file systems. Did you create the .dmg in High Sierra 10.13.x? I understand that there are issues opening .dmg files in other than High Sierra. I went back to Sierra 10.12.6, because there were too many issues.

    All of your other files, adobe, capture 1, etc, open and install perfectly. It’s just FCPX I’m having problems with…

    1. It means you don’t have to apply any medicine or crack there.Just install like normal app and enjoy registered version.

  3. “Final Cut Pro” è danneggiato e non può essere aperto. Dovresti espellere l’immagine disco.

    I installed it and it seems installed well, but I can not find the current program anywhere?

  4. Hi there, thanks for the free download, I installed it on my Mac and it works perfectly.
    One question: I have a notification on the App Store that Final Cut has an update. Should I go for it or not?

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