Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.2.0.1540 for Windows / macOS + Crack

Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.2.0.1540 for Windows / macOS Description

Family Tree Maker is the name of a software application for the creation and discovery of family stories (family tree). With this software you can create your family tree in a graphical environment. The software you are running is also known as a research tool. One of the features of this software can be very high speed in building and creating your desired pedigree. By doing this, you can easily and quickly upgrade your family tree to research and investigate

Features and Features of Family Tree Maker

  • Ability to build and design your family tree in a graphical environment
  • Simplicity and very high speed in making various types of genealogy
  • Ability to edit and update your own genealogy
  • Possibility to use graphs, reports and images in pedigrees
  • Possibility to use the color scheme to create a family tree for easy comprehension
  • The ability to enter information to follow the tips in the pedigree
  • Utilize geographic databases to select places for individuals
  • Access to online street and satellite maps

Download File : Direct Link

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