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EJ Technologies

EJ Technologies

JPROFILER is a high-level profile for Java language. Profiler in the world of programming is called tools that help developers monitor programmable software such as memory, processor, thread and lifecycle monitor, etc., to help programmers slow down the speed of the program and Find instability and performance issues and use them to improve the speed and efficiency of their applications. Each programming language has its own proprietary profiles, in the Java world, there are many known profiles that JPROFILER is one of the best in the field.

By using the user-friendly interface of this program, you can easily monitor the various resources used by Java programs, and thus lead to consumer bottlenecks, memory flaws, thread problems, and parallel processing. It may not be so easy to use these tools for small software, but for great software, using profiles and optimizing a program is a very important topic.

EJ Technologies Features

  • Simply use the program, settings and configuring straightforward
  • Ability to profile JDBC, JPA and NoSQL databases
  • Great thanks for the Java enterprise version
  • View full details with detailed details of the profile process
  • Ability to detect memory breaks with different tools
  • Different features for the QA team (such as snapshot output from profile operations and the possibility to compare them together)
  • Extensive support for various IDEs and server programs
  • Very little overhead

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