DbVisualizer Pro 10.0.20 x64 + Crack [Win]

DbVisualizer Pro

DbVisualizer Pro

DbVisualizer Pro is a database management software and analyzes all major databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, SQLite on Windows and MAC platforms. Visualizer is the perfect tool for developers and database administrators and helps you develop and maintain databases. This software has several special properties that you can use to change the features of the software.

Features of DbVisualizer Pro:

  • SQL tool: Autofill support, Parameter SQL, SQL template, Query visualizer, layout description and command line interface.
  • Database Browser: Display different objects alongside
  • Database Object Management: Visual tools for managing database objects, editing, compiling, functions, triggers and …
  • Manage the data table: The tab editor data such as binary / blob and CLOB data, import from CSV and Excel files
  • Output from database objects and tables as CSV, XML as well as support for outputting very large results
  • Run scripts sql
  • Data Chart
  • Set up step-by-step connections with the wizard
  • Use a physical connection for all operations
  • Organize database connections in the folder
  • Set the tabbed background color individually for each connection
  • Filtering database objects
  • Hide database objects
  • Search for database objects
  • Organize database connections by drag & drop
  • Create and modify tables
  • Rename table
  • Monitor the number difference row
  • View PDF documents
  • Output formats include CSV, HTML, SQL, XML, XLS, XLSX, JSON
  • Resize column auto

System Requirements

  • Operating System
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Disk Space: 50 MB
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.7

Download File: Direct Link

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