CSI SAP2000 Ultimate 21.1.0 + Crack

CSI SAP2000 Ultimate

CSI SAP2000 Ultimate

The SAP2000 software is another product of Computers and Structures, Inc., which is used to analyze the static and dynamic structures. This software is more than 35 years old with the help of an analytical engine as well as design tools in an integrated environment, one of the most powerful models of modeling, analyzing and designing various types of construction and non-structural structures.

Features of the CSI SAP2000 Software :

  • Accurate static and dynamic analysis
  • The possibility of linear and nonlinear analysis
  • Dynamic seismic analysis and static overlapping analysis
  • Apply all kinds of loading
  • Ability to perform buckling analysis, P-Delta, Pushover, spectral power density, continuous sinusoidal mode and …
  • Modeling and designing complex structures such as bridges
  • Compatible with BIM (stands for Building Information Modeling – Building Information Modeling)
  • Integration and complete coordination with other CSI products.

System Requirements

Operating System
Microsoft® Windows Vista, Microsoft® Windows 7, Microsoft® Windows 8, or Microsoft® Windows 10, 32- and 64-bit Versions
With a 64-bit operating system, the SAPFire® Analytical Engine can use more than 4 GB of RAM , making it possible to more effectively solve larger problems

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