Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise + Crack

Cerberus FTP Server

Cerberus FTP Server

comes with powerful tools. This software is designed to work with the least CPU and RAM you can do. Using Cerberus FTP Server you will need no other external tools.With a high level of security, this software will make your fancy more comfortable

Cerberus FTP Server Features

  • Compared to other similar software, it takes up less volume of your hard drive
  • Easy and easy use of this software
  • Benefit from two-step verification capabilities that enhance the security of this software
  • This software has the ability to automatically restrict risky IPs
  • Benefit from Web File Transfer Client
  • This software is able to save events and changes and email it to you
  • Provide list of files that have failed to transfer them
  • Support for IPv6

Download File : Direct link

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