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Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio

The Fusion package is the most advanced software for imposing visual effects, broadcast graphics and 3D animation. For more than 25 years, since its inception, Hollywood studios have created in it more than a thousand world-famous blockbusters. A powerful program interface is built on the basis of nodes that allow you to quickly and easily add combined special effects. Thanks to a huge set of tools and functions, Fusion will help to change any material, whether it’s an air program, an advertisement, a TV series or a full-length feature film!

Visual Effects

A new level of visualization
The best Hollywood movies contain hundreds, and sometimes thousands of different 2D and 3D elements, flawlessly embedded in the original image. It is possible to import 3D models and material from other applications, and hundreds of tools, effects and filters allow you to create truly high-quality film and television products.

Any process of creating visual effects begins with compositing, that is, overlapping one image to another. Thanks to Fusion, this is a simple action, for which two basic tools are sufficient. Merge allows you to quickly connect both images together in two-dimensional space, and Merge 3D – in a three-dimensional environment.

Node-Based Workflow
Leading Hollywood professionals prefer to work with nodes to have precise control over each element.

Vector Drawing
And Also, fusion has independent drawing tools that allow you to customize and change settings such as brush style, blend mode and smear shape. Using this function, you can quickly remove wires from the frame, the details of the shooting equipment and other unnecessary elements – just copy one area to another, paint over the image or add completely new items.

Working with color
The specified color characteristics when applying visual effects are achieved by processing with the precision of a 32-bit floating point, thanks to the integration of the Open Color I / O tool, and also the ability to convert color space for monitoring purposes and through the presence of special control indicators.

New Pro Features

Virtual reality
Support for all major helmets and virtual reality glasses, interactive viewing and working with a stereoscopic environment.Tracing camera movement
And Also analysis of the movement of shooting techniques allows you to recreate the trajectory of the motion of the 3D camera and the focal length of the lens to add computer graphics and other virtual objects.

Planar tracking
An analysis of the image area with the automatic acquisition of the necessary data to determine the plane of motion that can be used when manipulating the shape of the object and stabilizing the video.

Delta Keyer and Clean Plate
The Clean Plate tool allows you to get a clean contour image on any background for exceptionally accurate keying using the Delta Keyer module.

Studio Player
A new playback mechanism and an improved editing line with support for custom sheets and storyboards, versioning and the ability to enter additional notes.

New formats
Ans Also, Support for formats ProRes, DNxHR and MXF allows you to cross-relocate material between DaVinci Resolve, Fusion and other applications.

In addition to the standard GPU-acceleration, many Fusion tools now support OpenCL, which allows you to perform operations even faster.

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