Adobe Master Collection CC 2020 v2 x64 WIN

Adobe Master Collection

Adobe Master Collection CC

As I hope you know, Adobe Master Collection CC  in nature does not exist, Adobe never released it. But, nevertheless, it is in front of you! I really tried to get this package born. It is a collection of programs of the Creative Cloud line, united by an old good installer with the choice of components and language of the installed programs. It all looks very much like the well-proven Adobe Master Collection CS6 in the past. Is that the current program package includes much more than its namesake Creative Suite 6. And the versions of the programs themselves, mostly fresh.

Package Content

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (Russian and English)
Adobe of After Effects 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe the Animate 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe Audition 2020 (English only)
Adobe Bridge 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe the Character Animator 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe Dimension (English only)
Adobe Dreamweaver 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe Fuse (English only)
Adobe Illustrator 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe an InCopy 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe the InDesign 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe Lightroom Classic (English only)
Adobe Media Encoder 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe the Prelude in 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 (Russian and English)
Adobe Premiere Rush (English only)
Adobe XD (English only)


– I discovered a hidden opportunity to use a local installer for the Adobe multiple set and PAINTER “caught” the missing syntax to initialize.
– to make possible the installation software package not only on Windows 10, I stopped to version installer.
– From the installer except for the minimum necessary cut module Adobe Application Manager, set by the original installer to fail.
– From the installer except for the minimum necessary cut module Adobe Desktop Common, set by the original installer to fail.
– From the installer is completely cut module Adobe Creative Cloud, set by the original installer to fail.
– Installer in offline mode integrates the Windows 7 certificate advanced electronic signature Adobe.
– Installer provides a selection of the installation path and the program interface language.
– Of the distributions included in the assembly, if possible, eliminated all language packs, apart from English and Russian.
– For programs that do not belong to the pool of audio and video processing, unlocked the ability to install on Windows 7 with SP1, Windows 8.x and 10 junior versions.
– For applications belonging to the pool of audio and video processing, unlocked the ability to install on Windows 10 junior versions.
– For most programs, with the authorization of their Adobe ID, is available panel “Library” (CC Library).
– Distribution program Adobe Fuse specially adapted to the modern type of the installer to be part of this assembly.
– The program Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has been updated to version 19.21.20058.
– Adobe After Effects in 2020 has been updated to version
– Adobe Animate 2020 has been updated to version
– Adobe Audition 2020 has been updated to version
– Adobe Bridge 2020 has been updated to version
– Adobe Character Animator 2020 has been updated to version
– The program Adobe Dimension is updated to version
– The program Adobe Fuse updated to version 2017.1.
– Adobe Illustrator 2020 has been updated to version
– Adobe InCopy 2020 has been updated to version
– Adobe InDesign 2020 has been updated to version
– The program Adobe Lightroom Classic updated to version
– Adobe Photoshop 2020 has been updated to version
– Adobe XD has been updated to version
– Support module Adobe Camera Raw has been updated to version
– Support module Adobe CCX Process updated to version
– Module Adobe CCX Process specially patched to at authorized under your Adobe ID program does not display the message about the completion of the trial period.
– All programs are already treated. Starting window (initial screen) for all programs work (at Animate only with authorization from their Adobe ID).

Assembly Info

Version : CC 2020
Developer : Adobe Compilation
author : m0nkrus
Platform : Windows
Language : English + Russian
Medicine : Present System requirements: • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 • Internet access is required for work online services ____ * For a complete list of system requirements for each particular product, see the following page  : click to see

Note: use google translator to translate russain text into english.

FAQ: Click here to see

Download File: Direct Link

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  1. Thank you very much admin. It works for me.

    Note. I open the Monkrus.NFO file into Notepad. Below is the English instructions.

    1.) Install Adobe Master Collection CC 2018 (use autoplay.exe).

    2.) Patch installed products with adobe.snr.patch.v2.0-painter.exe
    from Crack\Patch folder:
    select the product in need of patching, if it listed; if it is not listed,
    select “Try to patch another product with amtlib file (64-Bit)” for 64-bit product
    or “Try to patch another product with amtlib file (32-Bit)” for 32-bit product.

    The default paths for 64-bit products:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2018\Support Files\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Animate CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Audition CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Character Animator CC 2018\Support Files\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dimension CC\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC 2018\Support Files\Contents\Windows\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InCopy CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic CC\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Muse CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Prelude CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018\amtlib.dll

    The default paths for 32-bit products on 64-bit operating system:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat DC\Acrobat\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Bridge CC 2018 (32 Bit)\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Fuse CC (Beta)\Code\Build\Output\Fuse\bin\Release\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 (32 Bit)\Support Files\Contents\Windows\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InCopy CC 2018 (32-bit)\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2018 (32-bit)\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (32 Bit)\amtlib.dll
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1\amtlib.dll

    3.) Enjoy!

    Note: If you encounter any issues with a previous installation / crack,
    please uninstall all Adobe products and delete those folders:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache

  2. Hello. When I start autoplay.exe nothing happens (just ask me if I want to install a untrusted software in my computer). Can you help me? Thanks

  3. Does Adobe Media Encoder support H265 video export in this release/crack? Using other cracks it is activated but not fully so you can export H265 only from within Premiere. If Yes, H265 should just appear as a file format option in the drop down list/templates.

  4. Can’t use the presets in Lightroom with this release and there’s no use of Lightroom without presets. As far as I understand by searching on line the problem is that the presets won’t work with the Perpetual licence and will only work with a subscription to Creative Cloud. Is it possible to find a workaround for this? Because like it is now it’s unusable and I’ll have to go back to earlier version.

  5. Hello, thank you for your very good work.
    Can you release a multi-language version (except of English and Russian) or can you explain how to add the language files ?
    I tried to add them and even to change their name to en-US or ru-RU but installation failled !

    1. this is released by russian cracker m0nkrus.So,its not an officail adobe release.I think it is not possible to add languages.Better to go with english it is widely used and every one undertsand.

  6. Hi Crackzsoft,
    Sorry to bother you I am not sure whether the patch is available / works to activate latest acrobat DC trial version 2018.011.20040 just downloaded..?
    Thanks in advance

  7. Its in Power ISO pack, and when I run it, after 50% extraction it error data curruption.any other link ?

    1. its always recommended that your archiver uptodate and you don’t have win defender or antivirus enabled because they can cause corruption of files.

  8. after installing this, all is work out perfectly except, i can’t unninstall my previous adobe master collection 2015, neither this 2018, can you help me ?

  9. If this article is from May 2018 then how can there be comments from December 2017?! I hope it’s not a scam with viruses. The Adobe Classic appears to be older (7.3.0) instead of (7.3.1) from the other article here from April 2018 but the link given is blocked by chrome. A torrent would had been better for the other one.

    1. comments from december because we update posts instaed making a newone whenever a new version come.Link are safe there some issues happen with file sharing sites.So, for safety purpose chrome block that websites downloads.

  10. its showing use google translater …. in that notepad file , there;s nothjing …. just the website link … i downloaded that big 25 gb file .. but huge dissapointment …. how to open those disc img files on my windows 8.1 …its showing couldnt mount file… please help

    1. There is one more text file with instructions in russian thats why it was mentioned to use google translator.There are two options one is dameon tools or you can use 7zip/winrar.What you have to do is select both disk and extract to one folder.

  11. Hi Is there Adobe XD in this package? It doesn’t say in the description though, but i thought as its a 2018 release so it could have been a mistake. Can you please confirm.

  12. Инструкция по активации:

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  13. So if you use the keygen for photoshop and enter the key, but then presses generate again and now want to extract the key. Because I cant use the response code with the request code because i dont have the registry key. Can i change the registry key or can i extract it from somewhere?

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