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Adguard Premium

Adguard is an Internet filter to protect users from dangerous web sites, blocking all possible forms of advertising on the Internet. The program is a great addition to your basic antivirus protection with effective blocking of malicious, fraudulent and phishing resources, and parental control over children’s online activity. Web Protection works with all web browsers, effectively blocking Internet threats due to the daily update application databases using major resources Google Safe Browsing, Web of Trust Lists (WOT) and Malwaredomains.

Adguard belongs to the family Adblock programs, whose main task is to operate quality control of web resources and the Internet in general. The number of users of the program consists of several million people.

Main Components and Features

• Anti-banner
• Anti- phishing • Anti-
• Parental control
• Safe search
• Password protection
• Solutions for social networks and video advertising
• Browser extensions
• Manual help
• Log, monitoring and statistics
• Locations and regional filters
• 24-hour technical support
• Daily database updates blacklists

Main Features

• Protect users from scams, viruses and Internet tracking.
• Providing maximum comfort when using the Internet by eliminating annoying information of an advertising nature.
• Verify the web pages that children visit, and block unsafe, inappropriate resources and sites for adults.
• Saves time / money and traffic by accelerating the loading of web pages by blocking advertising, even before the sites start downloading.
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