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Contact : crackzsoft@crackzsoft.com

We are one of the most verfied and trusted app provider in today’s date among all around websites.

We are just here to help those people who are not able to buy these apps.We know almost 90% people present this time in world who cannot buy even a single app.Our main aim is to deliever best quality products and bring a competition in this pirating world.

Some question may rise in your mind so we are just answering some of those.

Q & A

1)Who you are?

– Anonymous (pirates seems anonymous always isn’t it :p)

2)Why only you?

– Because we are the only ones who gave you almost every app on a request as well as with full trustworthiness.You can check our status on various torrent sites like tpb,kat,et etc.

3)How you get these things and deliever free?

– We are just do some changes in apps thats it and provide to you with some easiness.Btw all this done by masters who are working behind the scenes.

4)Can we become uploader on your site and earn some?

– Yes but we need professional uploaders who have atleast a year experience in torrenting + website.You can contact us regarding this via contact forum.

5)What type of application you provide?

– Basically our main focus now on windows+mac apps and online paid courses(udemy,lynda,udacity etc.)

Your time is up our starts now!Keep visiting and don’t forget to follow us on social sites.

Best Regrads,